EM Summit at Stonewall Resort

EM Summit 2016 at Stonewall Resort - Copy

Today, Saturday September 24, 2016, WVACEP held the annual EM Summit at Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, WV.

Our list of speakers included:

Debra Perina, MD, FACEP - When the Worst Happens - MCI Disaster Planning & Response


Staci Trudo, BSN, RN, CCRN, CEN- Let's Not Have A Blast!


Todd Crocco, MD, FACEP - Game Changing Procedures in Stroke Management: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Endovascular Treatment


Mike Mills, DO, FACEP - WV EMS Legislative Rule and Code/Offline Medical Direction


Bill Ramsey, MD, FACEP - Community Paramedicine and its Role in Improving Population Health


Joan Somes, Ph.D., RN-BC, CEN, CPEN, FAEN, REMPT - Haz Mat Who Would You Not Let Into The Building and When Would You Don Your Haz Mat Garb


Rex Lasure, MD, FACEP - Essential of Becoming A Squad Medical Director


Dan Andrews, MBA, RN, CEN - More than Mom-Care of the Pregnant Trauma Patient


Peter Martin, MD, FACEP - EMS Fellowships


Dan Andrews, MBA, RN, CEN - Safety Culture and The Normalization of Deviance


Tom Marshall, MD, FACEP

Chris Dellinger, BSN, RN - WVENA & WVACEP President's Closing Remarks


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